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I Started the Happy Souls Community Market February 2019 as “Pay it Back Scheme” 
  1. Market is there for the community that can sell their old goods like in Antiques, Households supplies, casual clothing, games, toys, computer parts, bicycle parts, furniture, tools, teddies, perfume, jewelry and much more and new arts and crafts anything creative that they would like to sell to make a honest living.
  2. Proceeds of the market:- There is Margie, Hain and myself involved in Buying food, Packing and giving it to the people on the street, where we drive around giving a small food pastel to many on street corners and providing to the poor when possible.We have helped people off the street and helped them make something of their lives by means of helping them with the basics to survive while getting off the Substance abuse with counselling and further more sending them to the Methodist Church for the 12 step program.  The Most amazing thing is people do change Habits can be changed it we make the effort to change them. And a push in the right direction to make the change in their lives. We also pick an organisation that needs assistance Like Dagbreek in Bupsfontein and take food and clothing including Plates, cups knives and forks to eat with and any household goods to assist them.  Lulu house to give the kids sweets, Edin house and many, many more, including Brakpan People at the dam  and  close to the old Cashbar roadhouse in Brakpan that need food desperately, I have sneaked in to the homeless dwellings or place where they are sleeping and just placed the food next to their mattress or blanket on the floor by them while sleeping and pray that they have a good meal the next day.  The Old Brakpan/Springs Hotel where shelter is offered between 7pm to 6am and we have left mattress and food for them when they wake up bedding and closes for the kids.
  3. We  try and pass it on.
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Wonderful flee market well organized with great 2nd hand deals and bargains


Best flea market!!


Eclectic. Like going back in time when flea markets were exactly that.